The preservation of the environment

Moria wants to be fully responsible for its environmental impact. This is why we have made the Commitment to reduce the ecological footprint of our sites, as well as that of our customers through the use of our products. We take pride in making a major contribution to the establishment of sustainable value chains. Reducing our ecological footprint therefore involves optimizing our means of production, improving current products and their packaging, implementing a real eco-design approach in all new developments, and the promotion of solutions with less environmental impact, such as reusable instruments rather than single use, when possible without compromising patient safety.

The strength of the human

Our success is based on motivated and duly trained employees as well as committed and exemplary managers. It is based on a corporate culture that promotes the Commitment and Responsibility of everyone, maintaining the Pride of belonging. As an international group, Moria considers that the cultural diversity of employees is one of its main strengths, and favors as much as possible the recruitment of local candidates for management positions. All employees are equal in law, regardless of their origin, nationality, religion or sex.

Listening to communities

Social Responsibility , for Moria, is also reflected in the importance we give to the development of collaborations and partnerships. We constantly maintain our innovation network by working closely with the hospital and university world, with our customers and with our suppliers.

We are also listening to local communities (neighborhood, regional administrations, etc.) in order to preserve everyone's rights and act for the common interest as soon as possible.

The Ethics Charter at the heart of every action

The Moria Ethics Charter is an essential guide for all employees and shows them how to embody the Group's core values ( Responsibility, Commitment and Pride ) in their daily work. It sets out expectations for employees and business partners, sets standards for compliance with laws and regulations, and includes fundamental rules relating to the prevention of corruption, the rights of employees and customers, the safety, environmental protection and financial integrity. It specifies in particular that no deviation will be tolerated in terms of corruption.

All employees are trained in this Ethics Charter as soon as they arrive.

Our Ethics Charter also includes binding standards for our business partners, who are invited to sign our Responsible Purchasing Policy.

Moria regularly reviews its principles of corporate governance and its Code of Ethics to ensure that they are up to date.

A breach reporting tool

Our business partners and our employees are invited to inform us of anything that could be contrary to the rules set out in the Ethics Charter . As soon as the report directly via the usual interlocutors is inadequate, an alert platform is available online from any connected device, in complete confidentiality :


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Last update: 22/04/2024

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