Oculoplasty : Chalazion


Oculoplasty : Chalazion

Oculoplasty : Chalazion

A chalazion is a little bump that usually grows in the eyelids due to an obstruction of the eyes’ oil glands. Chalazion is also known as “conjunctival granuloma” or “meibomian cyst”. 

To ensure a good drainage of the chalazion, Moria offers high-quality reusable chalazion instruments as well as an extended chalazion set.

Desmarres forceps characteristics 

Desmarres forceps have a 10-cm total length, with an active part of 25mm x 15mm. Surgeons use them to treat chalazions and ptosis.

A chalazion forceps is a special sort of forceps whose primary use is to remove a chalazion. 

This ophthalmic tool is made of two arms: the end of the first arm comes with a flattened, round and solid plate. The second arm has a ring tailored to fit into the first arm. An adjustable screw allows the surgeon to grab the cyst firmly [1].

The Desmarres forceps by Moria have been designed in a way that offers its safe insertion into an incision during chalazion surgery. The chalazion forceps’ edges are smooth, which avoids all sorts of membrane and tissues’ injuries during the intervention.

In ophthalmic surgery, these delicate forceps are highly recommended by experts to prevent bleeding during chalazion surgery.

Moria also offers chalazion sets

  • the basic chalazion set includes one needle-holder, two forceps, scissors, a curette and their associated sterilization box.
  • the extended set includes one needle-holder, three forceps, scissors, curettes, blade-holder, blade, lid plate and their associated sterilization box.


Chalazion surgery

Chalazion surgery is performed under local anesthesia and it lasts about 15 minutes. It is considered as a minor surgery as patients can go back to their daily activities immediately after the intervention. 

Surgery starts with a small incision made at the upper part of the chalazion. The Desmarres forceps are then gently inserted within the incision. Both plates are carefully pressed to grasp the cyst. Once the surgeon has reached the expected amount of stability, the forceps are carefully removed from the incision. 

Desmarres forceps offer comfort to both the surgeon and the patient as the chalazion can be removed only by making a small self-healing incision, which avoids sutures. The whole healing process for this kind of surgery takes from four days to one week [1].

[1] Swetha Bhat, Senthilnathan Periasamy*, Arun Murugaiyan - Chalazion Forceps - An Instrument Used for Mucocele and Biopsy of Oral Lesions: A Literature Review - Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science (Online) - https://www.jrmds.in/articles/chalazion-forcepsan-instrument-used-for-mucocele-and-biopsy-of-oral-lesions-a-literature-review.pdf

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Last update: 22/04/2024

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