Product Description/Features

Single Use Vacuum Trephine #17201 AND Corneal Vacuum Punch

Based upon years of experience, MORIA introduces a new Single-Use Adjustable Vacuum Trephine. Designed to produce straight-walled cuts, the adjustable trephine features an adjustements ring enabling setting the blade descent depth. Its centration indicator ensures no parallax errors. Moreover, its vacuum surface is 3 times more efficient than a standard trephine and its limbal suction features a central corneal support design for a perfect conformation to the cornea.





For uniform, symmetrical trephination of both donor and host corneas
Vertical, uniformly shaped trephination: uniform support of the entire cornea on both sides of the trephine blade prevents corneal vaulting and stabilizes the cornea during trephination.
Trephination of  the donor button from the epithelial side: the use of the Artificial Chamber and the Hanna Trephine allows the surgeon to cut the donor tissue in conditions similar to the recipient, thus reducing shape disparity.
• Water-tight, pressure controlled: as donor tissues have various  sizes, the Artificial Chamber has been especially designed to  provide optimal pressure even for small diameter donor corneas





For precise trephination of the donor corneo-scleral rim
Cylindrical guide insures that the blade is always centered over the donor corneo-scleral shell.
•   Pre-mounted, single-use blade: the punch block uses the same style of disposable blade as the trephine; diameters from 7.00 to 9.00 mm in  0.25 mm steps, and 9.00 to 10.50 mm in  0.5 mm steps.
•  Teflon well to support the host: the donor punch block has a Teflon well with suction holes that has the same curvature as the supporting surface of the host trephine.


Regulatory Status

 CE marked and US approved.