Product Description/Features

The Most Comprehensive Offer 

MORIA offers a full range of completely sterilizable and single-use devices ideal to create conventionnal and ultra-thin corneal lamellar grafts:

CBm turbine (activate by Evo3E control unit) with multiple heads (reusable or single-use) to remove the anterior lamellar cap from the posterior portion.

•  Heads (metal or plastic) are available in differents sizes: 50, 90, 110, 130, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350,400 microns

•  Artificial Anterior Chamber (reusable or single-use) for the preparation of the donor cornea


• Hanna punch and ONE® disposable punch to perform. more about Disposable Instruments...
the trephination of the donor graft.

Dedicated hand-held instruments including the Busin’s spatulas and forceps
more about Hand Held Instruments...





Benefits of the Procedure

• Stronger wound, resistant to trauma.
• Astigmatically neutral.
• Corneal nerves preserved.
• Faster rehabilitation with vision comparable to PK.
• No suture related complications
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                    NEW :

with two windows


  • Minimizes loss of donor corneas during graft creation
  • Faster than alternative techniques
  • Excellent cell viability

*patent pending


Pr Muraine Punch Video available here by browsing MORIA Video library


Regulatory Status

 CE marked and US approved. 



Single-Use Busin Spatula #17300 and Single-Use BusinForceps 23G #17301... Need to know more ; Click here to download the brochure


The Single-Use Artificial Chamber

For your surgical procedures in which a microkeratome is not used (manual dissections, Femto-enabled keratoplasty...)

• Universal Chamber Cover
The design of the cover is compatible with the cones of various femtolases, and facilitates the use of instruments for manual dissection.
• 2 ports with 2 stopscocks
Either port may be used to inject or aspirate viscoelastic, corneal storage medium, BSS, or air beneath the donor cornea.
• Perfect Stability
Tightened by a screw, the assembly reliably protects the donor cornea. The rubber base maintains the stability of the Chamber.
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