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M2 Single Use Provides Consistent and Predictable Results

Smooth bed and seamless edge margins: a new blade for each patient means the highest quality flap creation, procedure after procedure. 
• Better visualization: MORIAS's unique translucent head enables the surgeon to visualize the flap throughout the entire procedure. 

Predictable Flaps Creation

• the M2 Single Use provides a precise, customized fit for each eye, ensuring that flap diameters are reproducible and consistent. 
• Two head sizes, 90 and 130, available for customized flap thicknesses of 110 µm and 150 µm on average respectively.
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Modern Mechanical Microkeratome Poses Strong Challenge to Femtosecond

In this article, Dr. Wachler explains all the reasons why he still performs LASIK with a mechanical microkeratome, and will continue like this. He actually uses the Moria M2 microkeratome for about 95% of his LASIK cases, and IntraLASIK is medically indicated in a minority of his patients (the remaining 5%). But too many disadvantages occur during LASIK with Intralase 60kHz femtosecond laser: patient discomfort due to a stronger pressure sensation, the quality of vision in the early postoperative period is not as good as with the M2 because of edema. Moreover, the IntraLASIK procedure lasts longer and costs much more for patients with unproved additional benefits. Femtosecond lasers offer patients no substantial advantage over the improved results of safety and predictability obtained with modern microkeratomes such as the Moria M2. Get the whole story here...