Clinical Results/Publications

Advantages of Endothelial Keratoplasty

"Easier than manual, better than femtosecond, microkeratome DSAEK is a technique that every experienced surgeon can do and every hospital can afford" Dr Busin noted (Ocular Surgery News, April 2010).


UT-DSAEK vs Conventionnal DSAEK or DMEK/DMAEK  

Dr. Busin showed that 24 of 26 Ultra-thin DSAEK cases, he achieved central graft thickness of 100microns or less. His personnal results are included in the table below. 50% of the UT cases achieved 20/20 or better BSCVA, which is remarkable (ESCRS - Paris - September 2010).




Endothelial keratoplasty challenges the primacy of full-thickness transplantation
Ocular Surgery News, April 2010, Busin - Melles - Nuijts

In this article, Dr Gerrit R.J. Melles, Dr Massimo Busin and Dr Rudy Nuijts described the various techniques in corneal transplantation. They also explain that an increasing number of studies and data sets show that lamellar techniques offer faster visual recovery, more wound stability and better visual outcomes than PK. Get the whole story...  


Ultra-Thin grafts: the next advance in corneal Lamellar surgery
 May 2011, Busin - Price

In this article, Dr Francis Price explains the rationale for ultra-thin endothelial grafts. To his opinion, with the ongoing evolution in endothelial keratoplasty techniques, thinner grafts make sense. "If thinner DSAEK grafts could be cut intentionally, there is a good reason to believe they might provide the same visual benefits of DMEK/DMAEK but with greater ease of preparation and handling and with a lower rate of dislocation".
Dr Massimo Busin gives in this article his personal experience in ultra-thin DSAEK technique. To his mind, this "new technique produces excellent visual results with the ease of handling and preparation of conventional DSAEK". Get the whole story...