Product Description/Features

The Most Comprehensive Offer 

MORIA offers a full range of completely sterilizable and single-use devices ideal to perform all the steps of the Automated Lamellar Keratoplasty procedure:
• CBm turbine (activate by Evo3E control unit) with multiple heads and suction rings.
•  Heads  are available in differents sizes: 130, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350,400 microns.
•  Artificial Anterior Chamber (reusable or single-use)  including applanation lenses for the recipient and donor.
• Hanna punch and ONEtm disposable punch to perform the trephination of the donor graft.
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• Dedicated hand-held instruments including the Busin’s spatulas and forceps
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ALK equipment from MORIA

• Adress each case independently:
multiple suction rings,
- precise determination of donor graft size using diameter size setting on the AC,
- adjustability and versatility for reducing induced astigmatism.

• Ease of use: all systems parts ere completely sterilizable. 

Regulatory Status

 CE marked and US Approved. 



Single-Use Vacuum Trephine & Corneal Vacuum Punch

Based upon years of experience, MORIA introduces a new Single-Use Adjustable Vacuum Trephine. Designed to produce straight-walled cuts, the adjustable trephine features an adjustments ring enabling setting the blade descent depth. Its centration indicator ensures no parallax errors. Moreover, its vacuum surface is 3 times more efficient than a standard trephine and its limbal suction features a central cornea support design for a perfect conformation to the cornea. 

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