Surgical Techniques


  • Treatment of refractive defects.  

Patient's selection 

  • Inclusion criteria
    - Patients suitable for LASIK or surface ablation with intact Bowman’s membrane, 
    - Keratometries between 39 and 48 D. 
    • Exclusion criteria 
    - Patients who have had any previous surgery that could have damaged Bowman’s membrane, including but not limited to RK, PRK, LASEK, PTK, LASIK, femtosecond LASIK, or Epi-LASIK, 
    - Patients with any pathologies such as pterygium, keratoconus, corneal ulcers, corneal scars etc. that could have damaged Bowman’s membrane, 
    - Patients who have had a foreign body removed


Protocol, Drug Regimen and Contact Lens / Users Manual & Guidelines

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Surgical Video 


By courtesy of James S. Lewis, MD
(Elkins Park, PA, USA)