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Advantages of Epi-LASIK

• Preservation of corneal biomechanical integrity minimizing the risks of ectasia.
• Fewer induced higher order aberrations (HoA) than LASIK.
• Faster visual recovery and faster healing than all other surface ablation techniques.


Preservation of Corneal Biomechanical Integrity with  Epi-LASIK  

Preservation of corneal biomechanical integrity with Moria Epi-K

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Histological evaluation of mechanical epithelial separation in EpiLASIK
Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, July 2009, Kohji Nishida and Co, (Osaka and Tokyo, Japan)

In his study, Dr. Nishida evaluated the effect of mechanical epithelial separation with Moria Epi-K on the histologic ultrastructure of epithelial flaps and stromal beds from human corneas. Using Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy technologies, stromal beds after Moria Epi-K pass had smooth surfaces with no trauma to Bowman's membrane. Get the whole story...

Epi-LASIK - Laser In Situ Keratomileusis Discarding Epithelium Versus Laser In Situ Keratomileusis for Myopia and Myopic Astigmatism in Asian Eyes.

Asia-Pacific Journal of Ophthalmology : September/October 2012 - Volume 1 - Issue 5 - p277-282, Tran YH,  Md, Phd (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

Tran Hai Yen, MD, PhD (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) performed a contralateral eye study among 83 myopic Asian patients: 1 eye having Epi-LASIK discarding the epithelial sheet using Moria Epi-K epikeratome, while the other eye had LASIK. Those 166 eyes were in addition divided into two groups depending on the use of two different excimer lasers for conventional ablation program with 6.5-mm optical zone.

Dr Tran concluded that although visual recovery is slower with Epi-LASIK in the short term compared with LASIK, in the long term this no-cut procedure preserves more the integrity of the cornea and should be considered as an alternative. Achilles’ heel of surface ablation, commonly associated with a long and painful visual recovery, can now be limited with Epi-LASIK, approaching recovery time of LASIK without compromising corneal biomechanics. Get the whole story...