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• Two craftsmen, Mr. Capron and Mr. Gobinard founded a workshop for surgical instrumentation.


• Mr. MORIA takes over the business and starts to specialize in ophthalmology with small manual instruments, scalpels and scissors.


• MORIA is on the unlisted market (now Free Market of the Paris Stock Market).


• MORIA is pioneer in manufacturing titanium for surgical instruments.


• Building of a new plant in Bourbon l’Archambault.


• Acquisition of MEDICAL CONTAINEUR which designs and manufactures sterilization metal boxes for orthopaedic surgery.


• Launch of the Hanna Trepan which is still a worldwide reference for corneal graft.


• Launch of the Hanna Arcuate Keratome.
• Head office moves along with some of the production plant to Antony.

• Development of the first French phacoemulsifier, the "Conquest".


• MORIA enters the LASIK market with the launch of the “LSK One” microkeratome.


• Launches of the "CB" microkeratome.


• Launch of the single use microkeratome "One Use", first disposable microkeratome. 


• Acquisition of the company Microtech Inc., distributor on the American continent, renamed MORIA INC.
• Launch of the “M2” microkeratome.


• Creation of the company MORIA JAPAN.

• Opening of the MORIA sales office in Shanghai (China).


• Development of the range of disposable microkeratomes, specifically the "CB Single-Use Head".

• Two-fold increase of surface area at the Bourbon l’Archambault plant.


• Acquisition of a new building for MEDICAL CONTENEUR.


• Acquisition of the French company, MAS, based in Marseille, specialized in design and manufacturing of plastic medical containers (complementary, in terms of products, to those produced by MEDICAL CONTENEUR).  This new division MAS and MEDICAL CONTENEUR become PYXIDIS.
• Launch of the single-use automatic microkeratome, "One Use-Plus".

• Development of a new console "EVO3" with improved functionalities and performance, specifically connection to the mains to limit dependence in terms of battery charge levels


• Participation in the development of two new surgical techniques:
• In the field of refractive surgery, development of a new single-use keratome, the "EPI-K" for "EPI-LASIK" surgery, a new surface ablation operation technique.
• In the field of corneal transplant surgery, development of a dedicated range of products for a new procedure called "DSAEK" (Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty).
• Buyout of the assets (brands, patents…) of the company FULCRUM MEDICAL (U.K.) with the aim of developing a range of single-use ophthalmic surgical instruments.
• Two-fold increase of surface areas dedicated to the production of single-use consumables in controlled atmosphere conditions.

• Strengthening of the presence of the Orthopaedic Surgery Division PYXIDIS among major order givers in orthopaedics, establishing during 2005 a direct sales presence in the United States.


• ANVAR awards MORIA with the “Innovative Company” certification for its continued innovation and the major research and development works undertaken, particularly in the field of refractive surgery and corneal transplants.  Thanks to the obtaining of this certificate, MORIA shares became eligible for investment by Innovation Investment Trust Funds.


• MORIA strengthens its presence in China by the opening of a subsidiary in Shanghaï.

• Acquisition of an exclusive license from the "Nemours Foundation".


• Company builds on its leadership in disposable microkeratome market to develop additional single-use products.  Drawing upon its long history of manufacturing high quality reusable instruments, as well as its expertise in disposable technology, MORIA announced the introduction of a line of single-use instruments, One®.


• Launch of a new system to create ultra-thin, planar corneal lamellar grafts, thanks to a 2-pass technique proposed by Pr. Massimo Busin (Italy).

• Edmond de Rothschild Capital Partners joins the management of the MORIA group, in a LBO.