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MORIA is one of the best-known and most respected ophthalmic companies in the world, offering the finest range of medical devices such as hand-held instrumentation and equipments for refractive and corneal transplant surgeries.

At MORIA, we are committed to innovate pushing the boundaries of medical technology and improve the way ophthalmic pathologies are treated.

Our strategy is to manufacture high-quality medical devices and to develop and market innovative products on global markets, that provide superior clinical outcomes with a high level of confidence of use for our customers.

MORIA is a human-sized company which strives without reserve for the greatest possible reliability and quality in our products; to be the unsurpassed standard of comparison and to be recognized as a company of honesty, integrity, and close relationship with its customers.

MORIA, the Ophthalmic Surgery Expert

MORIA has been at the leading edge of eye surgery technology for nearly two centuries due to its close relationships with surgeons worldwide.


MORIA has participated in major advances in eye surgery, from the advent of microsurgery, to refractive surgery, and more recently, to new techniques for corneal transplants.


Acting swiftly upon innovative ideas from surgeons and applying its expertise, MORIA develops high quality, precision equipment and instruments designed to respond to the latest advances in surgical technique.


MORIA develops products renowned for their quality, performance, and adaptation to the varying practices and surgical techniques of each country.

Global Reach

With global headquarters and manufacturing facilities in France, MORIA devotes 80% of its production to international markets. It operates in 80 countries and has subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, and China, and partner distributors in the other markets.


The high quality of MORIA’s ophthalmic surgical instruments has been widely recognized for decades.


Innovation, performance, and quality to satisfy ophthalmic practitioners worldwide are the basis of MORIA’s culture.